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Famed interior designer Nicky Haslam had a hunch from an early age that, just below the surface, was a budding cabaret act; a fusion of youthful memories of such great artists as Ethel Merman and Marlene Dietrich and contemporary music just bursting to express itself. This fantasy recently became fact with his shows at such legendary venues as the Savoy Hotel and Annabel’s nightclub.
So, recently teaming up with distinguished producer David Ogilvy and a stellar cast of celebrity friends, Nicky Haslam has translated his cabaret into a seamless soundtrack that fuses song and spoken word; a soundscape as opulently-textured as his many interior design schemes for the rich and famous!
And ‘Old Etonian’ Nicky Haslam is a very classy and learned cabaret turn indeed! The words of James Joyce, Andy Warhol, F.Scott Fitzgerald, W.B. Yeats, Raymond Chandler and Cyril Connolly, read by luminaries as varied as Tracey Emin, Bob Geldof, Rupert Everett and A.N. Wilson, are peppered throughout a sequence of duets that are at once breathtakingly contemporary and arrestingly nostalgic. Nicky sings with Bryan Ferry, Cilla Black, Helena Bonham Carter and Sebastien Leon on songs by the great song-writers of the past; Freidrich Hollaender, Rodgers & Hart, Irving Berlin, Coleman & Leigh…. as well as an exclusive brand-new composition by award-winning Guy Chambers, plus a turn on percussion by the legendary Nick Mason of Pink Floyd. Samples of the voices of Sophia Loren, Greta Garbo, Noel Coward, Maria Callas and Louis Armstrong reference the timeless past, adding to the musical mélange of Nicky’s current influences and inspirations.
‘Midnight Matinée’ is unprecedented both in its ambition and genre-defying its scope! There is, and has been, nothing quite like it, ever.
That Nicky’s album can give guest spots to contemporary artist Tracey Emin and socialite photographer Amanda Eliasch and that he also sings alongside A.N. Wilson and the descendants of Emperor Pedro of Brazil is testament to a contact book curated living life to the full. It evidences a litany of friends who together have fashioned the collaborative concept album of the era. It is a celebration and artistic expression of the wonderfully colourful Renaissance man of our times – interior designer, author, columnist and cabaret singer Nicky Haslam!
With deluxe packaging design overseen by and featuring extensive notes by Nicky Haslam himself, this release is a work of art itself on many levels, musical, literary and in terms of its highly evocative design!
“Sgt. Pepper’s, Exile On Main St, Blonde On Blonde, Dark Side Of The Moon & Midnight Matinée – the 5 essential must-haves of contemporary culture!” (Bob Geldof)
“What’s not to like about a session with Nicky Haslam, champagne, smokes, anecdotes from heaven and endless enthusiasm.”(Guy Chambers)
“Nicky is a truly original decorator, writer and artist. He now adds a musical string to his much talented bow.” (Bryan Ferry)
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