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I have just had an incredible freezing, snow covered week end in Moscow.  Probably the best in my life.  Whipping in and out of buildings seeing and feeling another world whilst filming. My dream this week is to buy a tower block, the whole thing. Find a new way of life.  It was total pleasure. I shall miss travelling when the film is finished. For me  creating is my passion. Organising this film has surpassed any other enjoyment.  I am living this story to the full.
In Moscow I stayed at the Ritz Carlton, luxurious, obviously opulent. Visiting the usual sites The Kremlin, with magnificent churches and a wonderful exhibition of the Tudors of all things.  Soho rooms, a summer palace or two, Gorky’s house and the House of Icons. Most special was an exhibition of the Romanov’s their icons, a letter from Rasputin with huge writing, and the chair of Alexei. Lastly I visited a wonderful shop that David Carter designed opposite Louis Vuitton in the centre, called Oldich.  Marilyn was in the window and it had a trap door to a restaurant below, and an armchair belonging to Oscar Wilde.  I sat in the middle of beautiful old dresses antique lace and unusual dresses.

Having stayed up until 6am last night and been busy for a week with the film I did manage to see the Fashion shows. Dior and Valentino are assured a secure future.