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Yesterday I received a prize for my film. Winning is a fabulous feeling, it is the first time I have won something. I am not going to feel guilty about it. It made me feel I was back at school when I was eight years old and won a merit badge for picking up tennis balls. A giant leap. Yesterday at the NYCIFF I was awarded with “The honorary prize for the most imaginative documentary” for The gun the cake and the butterfly. Thank goodness I did it as a stand alone creature with some wonderful people working for me. The support of some close friends was entirely necessary. The team was essential. I won it for all of them as well as for me. Justine Glenton, Julia Laverne, Charles Eliasch, Roby Meola, Behsat Ahmet, Fredrik Andersson, Jack English, Jack Eliasch, Boris Ristic, Hector Abaunza, Alexander Webster, Isabella Sfez. I, of course had to earn it. I dreamt it and lived with it. Roberto and Caroline watched 3,000 films and chose 130 for their festival. It was quite a week, the standard was very high. Many films are being made. I worked hard. I stood up as and dedicated my film to two important men in my life, My grandfather the film director, writer and producer, Sidney Gilliat and my father the writer Anthony Cave Brown. Justine Glenton looked incredible in a Diane von Furstenburg long golden wrap over dress. I wore Armani, I don’t like long dresses. I went to John Barrett who made my hair look incredible. Yesterday I spent the whole day looking at distribution. I am grateful to the generosity of the charming Roberto Rizzo and his wife Caroline. I woke up feeling that the cat had the cream, lashings of it.