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I always wonder each year which charities are worthy of support? I like the Arts, for me, life would have been meaningless without them. I don’t like large cumbersome ones, with huge offices and high overheads, and ones that sort of con you. There are exceptions, in the case of the NSPCC, which does so much good. As a child I was molested and wish I had known about this organisation. It would have been considerably easier to ring a switch board and speak to an expert than deal with my very emotional Mother, and hear the police screeching outside my house, in a small village. My ex husband with the help of Nicole Hambro, gave a tennis match at Buckingham Palace with His Royal Highness The Prince Andrew, Duke of York to raise funds for this charity. The Royal family do a lot.

Then there is the British Film Institute, who do so much to save old film and encourage people to protect the world of film with Festivals, there archive is free to view. BAFTA which I am a member of in Los Angeles. I care about the arts. The London Symphony Orchestra, help children play instruments and encourage them to exacting standards. The orchestra is one of the best in the world and practises everyday altogether. I also like The Woodland Trust whose job of saving trees in the next few years will go into overdrive. 80 million diseased Ash trees will need to be replaced. So much to do, and so very important. As is the charity of HRH The Duchess of Cornwall’s brother Mark Shand who is trying to buy up land in order that the elephant can migrate. These things are important. Other animals can travel too. So many thing need attention. I have been very lucky, so why not help?.

I have collected some art attached to charities. An incredible Elephant by Marc Quinn, and Egg by Emma Clegg from Mark Shand’s The Big Egg Hunt. A drawing by Tracey Emin, a suspended egg by Paul Fryer and many other things supporting various charities. Let’s not forget the children of Phuket with the charity called Phuket has been good to us, where children were left without families and schools during the Tsunami. I am by no means some do gooder. I am like everybody else. I just believe if you want things to improve you have to help, just be interested where you put your attention. Art of Elysium is an incredible charity and they help children who are very ill create artistic things. They raise money with their ball which happens next week. Then there are talented children whose parents are not rich that need music lessons. Remember that artistic pursuits stave off depression and maybe drug abuse?. All children need sport and art. The two things being cut down by our government as we speak. Art, music, sewing, running, games keep people happy and in turn they become fulfilled and interesting and help others. At the moment I am trying to help save at least the outside of Earls Court a building, everybody has taken for granted. However, take another look, it is beautiful. Perhaps not the best Art Nouveau work, but come on, surely better than what will be put up as a replacement? So if everybody helped just a little in areas that they enjoyed wouldn’t this be great? Problems would be solved?