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Prince Harry in two days becomes part of a modern monarchy, part Hollywood dream factory, part Disney, part Windsor Castle, and part English Heritage. When Megan has her children which she will they will be English, not British because England will no longer be part of the EU, it will be this England.  It is the cleverest move from the Monarchy yet.  We will be waving the British flag in Ramadan and everybody will be covered up in Luton and asleep. Megan is ambitious, clever interesting, attractive and very now. She has more in common with “the people” than a blonde aristocrat and they both love to be seen doing good deeds and both champion the underdog which will get them a lot of votes with the people. Both Princes have chosen women that were unexpected closer to the Disney land ideal.  It has to be all turrets and flags with the girl, a brunette from a land far away. True media Princesses. They chose well. It is either this or the Oscars for Megan, but Tinsel town has lost out to Windsor Castle. Thank God HRH Prince Harry wasn’t on Tinder, he might swiped left and we would not have a wedding. Since Tom Cruise says that England is the new Hollywood, HRH Prince Harry may be right. Mission not so impossible.