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Today I was in the The Daily Mail because I posted a photograph of myself which was a snapshot of me in the bath taken on a girlie trip to Berlin, it could have been worse, it could have been a picture of me in the bath with a door in the side of it.  Good heavens if I go out of the house with just foam on. As for my title Countess, I paid for it, quite different from the House of Lords where for centuries men prostituted themselves to get a Peerage.  At least I did not need to be blackmailed or give sexual favours to Harvey,  I just gave my card from HSBC and hey presto I was a Countess. I did not need to go to Her Majesty, be good, do something virtuous or pay some political party.

So involved is the MSM with fake fluffy news they are choosing not to notice that P52 bombers are on Red alert and Milois on the best sellers list and Trump has managed to dodge some bullets in the past year.
Last week I had the pleasure of visiting beautiful Cliveden House for the Literary Festival, a house of scandal.  Tired of listening to endless Brexiter bashing and the minimalising the intelligence of the people who voted for it, which has become the normal banter between so-called intellectuals. Oh boy, aren’t we patronised?  Poor, thick and white, they love to scream. Yet, we are the ones supposed to be racist and undemocratic?.

The discussion on Leninism and Trumpism was interesting. Simon Sebag Montefiore whipped up some excellent arguments that Trump was influenced by the Russians. The Liberal intellectuals clearly only read fake news as they would be in the picture, that it was actually Hillary and limp-wristed Obama who were signing dodgy documents selling Uranium behind the scenes and talking with the Russians. Assange with his ten-year immaculate record has full details pouring through Wikileaks if anyone cares to read them.”Follow the money” as the conspiracy theorists always advise. Trump would have been impeached for much less.
Harvey is not front page news now. Perhaps the girls could stand forward who enjoyed his advances and who got work from them?.  How many other men will be hauled up for sexual misdemeanours?  Terry Richardson or our gorgeous George Clooney?  I think we should all put our clothes back on and cover up,   less “Taylor Swift” if we don’t want men to have fantasies.

Now I shall disappear under the foam if you don’t mind. PS By the way Fairy Liquid makes better bubbles better than radox, less dangerous than fem gel.