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For The Weinsteins this is truly a golden year, winning Oscars for so many of their films, but none altogether, has made as much money as The Kings Speech last year. No one can deny they have taste, but not everybody except for me, understands the passion for The Artist. A wonderful film that received 5 oscars.

Also where were all the stars? Do you know the glamorous Hollywood hideaways? In an attempt to be normal, Mr and Mrs Brad Pitt are almost seen in supermarkets these days. The fact is they, our stars, have all become homely, too much publicity? Too many adopted children?

You never heard Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Greta Garbo or Marlene Dietrich have children? You remember Garbo and Marilyn and not the films? Oh I do remember “Gentleman prefer blondes” They were famous for not being seen and not wanting to be seen. MM had to change her persona to become MM.

I think that the three best things of the night was one getting ready; two, laughing with Zeta Graff and fighting about the best way to drive to the party; and three, seeing Elton John’s speech for these poor Aids victims. Even if you had no compassion you would feel it when you see his and David Furnish’s sincerity and energy that they put into the whole charity.

The whole award ceremony has the feeling of work, work for films, work of selling films, work for looking good, work for beauty, work for jewels, work for fashion, remember this is business and not so much fun. The food was good, the party fun, but it is work lest we forget.

Elton John looked like Elizabeth 1 with his entourage, who in turn gave the air of Catholic Priests. A brilliant man raising over 5 million for Aids. Now that is something? The party looked exceptional and I loved the Godiva stand where you could choose any selection of chocolates you wanted. The Elton John Aids Foundation party is sponsored by Wells Fargo Bank and Chopard. I was kindly invited and went with Zeta Graff who looked ravishing and slender in a white Herve Leger dress that nobody else could have worn. With two hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth of diamonds in her hair, there was star quality here. I sat next to Natasha Henstridge who looked incredible too.

The winners of the night for me on the red carpet were Rooney Mara in a white Givenchy dress, and Milla Jovich who simply looked the best in Elie Saab, along with the very elegant wife of Harvey Weinstein, Georgina Chapman, who obviously wore her own brand Marchesa. The most interesting couple Mr and Mrs Gary Oldman, she wore Roberto Cavalli and he wore Bespoke Paul Smith. Sadly he did not win.

There was a quiet feel to the whole evening, perhaps it was the films? The Artist stole the whole show, and perhaps because it was a French production the party was quieter. The cast and producers probably went home and laughed together with a great bottle of french wine, rustic loaf and cheese. That is where I ended up at one o’clock in the morning with Peter Medak and Nicky Haslam who was back from the Vanity Fair party, laughing and eating Goats Brie with Ritz biscuits and him saying “Where are all the stars” …I think they were in my kitchen.