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Is the rumour true that if I wish to speak to Chloe Kardashian, it is going to cost £9,000 a minute?  Do you remember the box by the telephone which said “If you want to keep the bill small keep the call small” I always felt guilty being on the telephone, there was a lot of tut tut’s  in the house when I was growing up? Telephones were thought to be a little common, my Aunt thought they were so common that she walked to a telephone box and listened for her calls at 6pm every night like it was a dirty secret? Can you remember screaming down the telephone when it was a long distance call? It is just as silly today. Just because you understand a computer and Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, you may not know how to bake a Victoria Sponge? Money does not come from the Cash Point, young people have no idea where it comes from.”
Do you know the difference between a soul and the spirit? Are we a Holy Trinity of the mind body and spirit or do we put them all together and call it a soul, or do we separate them? Are we a serene soul if we study the Kabala and go to Yoga. If we are Soul searching are we looking for some kind of nebulous extremity, are we joined together by a thin silver umbilical chord. Is this a dog leash?  I have studied the Cliff Notes on almost everything, I can speak fluently on any subject for eleven and a half minutes before anyone says its plastic. I think in old age I shall sit under a bodhi tree and consider myself very lucky or would it be better to go to the Oxygen pod and pay thousands of pounds for fresh air. After which I have my ankles get swayed.  As I pay my bill, I realise I was getting my leg pulled. Yogi’s have in my life had the most failings of anyone I know. Getting in touch with their soul, but never mine.
That empty feeling you have maybe because you have no feeling at all, you are empty. Lying on the Yogi Mat where you imagine yourself on a  magic carpet about to spirit yourself away to some holy majestic paid for superiority.  At the end of it, it is “Cash or Card” Finding your soul is not some kind of painkiller. It is within us all and leaves us when we die.
Toxic people are toxic to themselves, overly flattering and overly charming.  They usually include taking drugs and drink. The ligger is the person who is a drain on your finances, your energies. The one who has conflict all the time. The one who does not work on themselves.
Heavens though it is simple. We are our own painkiller. People search in a retreat somewhere. If we are going to look for an elusive cure,  we are not going to find it in some Yoga tarts studio or having a hot stone massage?  They can be a distraction, but you have to go back and live with yourself in your house where usually nothing is happening but worrying about the rent.The answer is that everything is within us to improve, develop, to be kind and happy. There are no magic tricks or spells.